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The Khem Villas Experience
...goes beyond your trip to Ranthambhore National Park

Age Veda Spa

The Age Veda Spa at Khem Villas is where our visitors can connect with nature in spirit and body. 

The spa provides a meditative silence and is the perfect place for guests to simply enjoy nature. Take walks, go for a run, practice yoga or simply relax in the verandahs taking in the sunset and listening to the sounds of the forest.

After a Jungle Safari, the spa is the perfect place for you to relax, rejuvenate and revitalize the body.

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Camp Fire

The guests have a choice of a variety of alcoholic beverages and cocktails. You can beat the heat of the summer in the air-conditioned comfort of our bar, and in winter there is nothing to beat the campfire and the natural surroundings of Khem Villas. 

River Safari

Khem Villas is delighted to announce that we have started the Chambal River Safari in Ranthambhore. About an hour away from Ranthambhore is one of India’s most beautiful rivers called the Chambal made famous for the dacoits in the early 1970’s. The government has declared it as a National Park to save the rare crocodile know as the Gharial which number less than the Tiger in the wild. 

Cruising along this river in our brand new Bayliner Boat imported from the USA you will not only see the Gharial but may also see rare birds and other aquatic species like the Skimmer, Osprey, Turtles etc. 

While on safari you will be provide tea and Coffee and some snacks. The trip includes cost of taxi, guide and a walk along the banks with Tea and Snacks served at a beautifully located private sit out on the edge of the river.  On the cruise you will also see rural life along the river with small farming communities tilling their lands, grazing cattle just like they have been doing for hundreds of years. 

Every night in winter around the campfire, by the lake, we enjoy the company of our guests. Many like to hear my stories of the jungle and living with the tiger for over 35 years.

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Nature and Wildlife

There are two jungle rides in the park every day. These are organized and run by the Forest Department, Government of Rajasthan and can be booked directly at

The camp is surrounded by nearly 12 acres of forest having water bodies, grasslands and thick fores cover all of which provide ideal walking grounds for the visitors with a track of nearly 3 kms. Nature guides will show them the various birds and even jackals, desert foxes and hares during their walks and provide the guests with a deeply informative and enriching experience of the Jungle. 

Ranthambhore Fort

Ranthambhore is named after the Ranthambhore Fort built in 900 AD by the brave Rajput Rulers and latter invaded by Akbar's army lead by Khilji. Trips to the fort provide an insight into the enthralling history of the area and also provide panoramic views of the Jungle from the fort tops. Trips to the fort with qualified guides can be organised.

Plunge Pool

A plunge pool filled with fresh water to cool of during the heat of the day awaits the tired self. For absolute rejuvenation visit our Spa, just next to the pool. 

Camel Rides

Short one hour camel rides can be provided on request to take guests through the local terrain and villages.

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Local Craft

Our family also supports an NGO which works with local craftspeople who have created wonderful souvenirs, home decor and personal wear items from natural materials.  


Ranthambore specialises in the unique craft of black & white miniature brush paintings of Tigers. Our artists have mastered this realist technique in pencil, charcoal and watercolour. Works of Tiger Art, as it’s called are available in our Hotel Shop as well as in galleries in town.

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Guests will be provided a satisfying selection of Indian, Western and Oriental Cuisine during their stay.

Out of respect to nature, all the food at Khem Villas is vegetarian. Rest assured, you will be pleasantly surprised! A guest once asked us to print a recipe book! While we may not have such ambitions, it is heartening to recieve such complements for an all Veg Menu, created on freshly picked vegetables and herbs.

Most of our everyday ingredients are sourced from our organic farms at the hotel. Even the milk is from the local farm where the cows are fed organic feed.

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