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Phone: +91 9414030262


Khemvillas has 2 Villas, 8 Cottages, 12 Tents, and 4 Rooms. 

Our Spa and Standard Rooms are closed during the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

All prices are inclusive of all meals and taxes. 

Prices are in Indian Rupees. 

Double Villas: Rs. 36000/night.
Single Villas: Rs. 32000/night.

Double Cottage: Rs. 34000/night.
Single Cottage: Rs. 29000/night.

Double Tent: Rs. 29500/night.
Single Tent: Rs. 24000/night.

Double Room: Rs. Rs 17000/night.
Single Room: Rs. Rs 15000/night.

All prices are per night and include all taxes, breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

The above rates do not include Jungle rides or alcoholic and aerated beverages. These are charged extra at prevailing rates.

These rates are applicable from 1st Oct. 2020 to 31st September 2022 only. Rates maybe higher for certain holiday dates.

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