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Khem Villas, A Luxury Jungle Camp

Khem Villas is established on land we purchased in 1989. We planted indigenous trees and created small water bodies and have since converted this vast, open grassland into a natural habitat. Today, it is not uncommon to see jackals, jungle cats, hyenas, desert fox, and crocodiles, within the grasslands and around your luxury campstead. It has also become a bird watcher's paradise.

Our camp in the Ranthambore Tiger reserve is designed to provide peace and tranquility within its luxurious and very personal atmosphere. 

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Enchanting Travels

The hotel is luxurious in understated simplicity – allowing the verdant green and tall grasses surrounding the property, thatched roofs and traditional teak and rattan furniture to add natural decor. As well as the cottages, you can opt to stay in a luxury tent. There is a wonderful, therapeutic spa to unwind in after your morning and evening jeep safaris into the jungle, and yoga classes are also available. An ecologically conscious resort, Khem Villas serves only vegetarian food for its meals, which are lovingly whipped up from its own organic vegetable garden.

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Tushar Abhichandan
National Geographic

Khem Villas describes itself as a "luxury jungle camp". It's eight cottage and seven tents, modern adaptations of traditional dwellings, are a picture of understated elegance. But if you had surveyed the area a few years ago, you'd only have seen barren land with almost no vegetation. Today, through years of regeneration, the 30-acre property is one of the greenest patches in the area. It appears like an extension of Ranthambhore National Park and is an example of the resort's commitment to conservation.

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Charu Sharma
Eco Choice

Picture this: you wake up to the chirping of birds, fill your day with endless walks in the wilderness, forest safaris and star gazing, and pamper yourself with a luxurious massage! If your idea of a perfect holiday is being in the lap of nature, Khem Villas is where you should be. Located on the outskirts of Ranthambhore National Park, the luxury jungle camp was originally established on grasslands that have, over the years, been converted into a natural habitat for local wildlife.


Amitabh Bachchan 

Bollywood Actor

Khem Villas is basic, earthy, merging with the environ, presently under siege by NDTv, its hundreds of young and energetic manpower and its complicated technology, necessary for live broadcast television ! Many in the western world would associate the word ‘Villas’ as in a 'villa’, a house to live in. But I in local language in Hindi, 'Villas’ is not the plural of 'villa’. It is more a place, a destination.

The rooms are more of cottage industrial construct in keeping with the ambience - thatched roofs, verandahs, courtyard or the ’angan’ with the very identifiable ’charpoy’ made of netted jute strings, prominent in every village in the country, lying with casual presence at the center.

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