Tiger Watch is a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) launched by the late Mr. Fateh Singh Rathore, who decided to lend his personal and intimate knowledge of the park and contribute towards its betterment. Its primary mission is to augment the resources of the Forest Department towards managing The Ranthambore National Park.

TOFTIGERS PUG MARK The NGO launched along with prominent conservationists has undertaken the unenviable task of protecting the loss of natural habitat at Ranthambore and the curbing of the crisis of Tiger poaching, from this park. For more information on Tiger Watch and its Projects, visit its website.

Poaching has become a multi billion dollar industry worldwide, and saving the Tiger has today become an international mission. And its unlikely hero is Dharmendra Khandal, a scientist and PhD, who is more naturally a student of environmental biology, specialising in the Spider, than he is wearing dark fatigues leading raids into the jungle, looking for gun running poachers.

Dharmendra has waged a war to save the Tiger. A must read...

Tiger Gallery

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