Amitabhji Tweets about Khem Villas on 13th July
T 805-A veranda, thatched roof, an angan, a charpoy, rocking chair, the forest before and stillness beyond stillness.. Ahhh! Peace!!

From Amithabh Bachan ji's Blog
My little thatch hutted accommodation... if you look carefully to the right you can spot the shower head jutting out of the construction... out in the open, for 'raw' pursuits!!

Khem Villas is basic, earthy, merging with the environ, presently under siege by NDTv, its hundreds of young and energetic manpower and its complicated technology, necessary for live broadcast television! Many in the western world would associate the word 'Villas' as in a 'villa', a house to live in. But I in local language in Hindi, 'Villas' is not the plural of 'villa'. It is more a place, a destination.

The rooms are more of cottage industrial construct in keeping with the ambience - thatched roofs, verandahs, courtyard or the 'angan' with the very identifiable 'charpoy' made of netted jute strings, prominent in every village in the country, lying with casual presence at the center. The wash rooms are both indoor and outdoor, particularly the shower and tub. A delight to be in the raw, exposed to the elements, without any intrusion! Or so the management professes! We shall find out in the early morning hours of the morrow!! Lascivious comments shall not be entertained by Ef on this.. ha ha!

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